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'Patriot's Day' Trailer Shows What You'd Expect from Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg

Director Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg have become a team over the last few years in making movies that appeal to the sensibilities of Middle America and glorify the hard working middle class and their ideals. While I can tire of Berg's tendency to slide into "rah rah America", he has proven to have a distinct filmmaking style that immerses you into his action pictures. Wahlberg does well playing the meat and potatoes type lead. Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon were both pictures that follow all the instincts of a Michael Bay movie but have a sense of style and the use of effects that give the movies a higher pedigree. For that reason, Patriots Day is probably worth a look even if my feeling is that David Gordon Green's Stronger will be the more thoughtful and dramatic movie about the Boston Marathon bombing. The cast is solid and even if Berg is never the director I get excited about. I keep finding myself recommending his movies.

My biggest hope is that especially in Trump's America that this movie has a delicate touch and amongst the pro-America, it stays away from demonizing an entire demographic. You can make heroes without creating an army of villains.