The Breakdown of the Best of 2016

I actually revealed my Top 20 Movies of 2016 on Saturday, so it may be easy for you to figure out my top ten on The Breakdown of the Best of 2016. But you don't know Scott's pick and we also had some fun discussion on each of our big picks. 2016 may not have been a great year overall for movies (or politics or celebrities or happy news), there were still some really great movies. Many of these great movies didn't do great at the box office, so this week we let you know of some of the amazing underseen movies that really deserve to be seen. Every movie on the list gets the big Breakdown Stamp of Approval and so you have a nice list of movies that you need to catch up on this month.

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Christopher's Best of 2016:

10. The Jungle Book
9.  13th
8.  Deadpool
7.  The Witch
6.  Sing Street
5.  The Nice Guys
4.  Zootopia
3.  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
2.  Kubo and the Two String
1.  Arrival

Scott's Best of 2016:

10. 7 Anos
9.   Eye in the Sky
8.   The Little Prince
7.   Arrival
6.   The Nice Guys
5.   Moana
4.   13th
3.   King Jack 
2.   Zootopia
1.   Victoria