The Breakdown of 'Live by Night', 'Clinical', and 'Patriots Day'

The Breakdown has three movie reviews this week including two Oscar hopefuls in Ben Affleck's latest directorial effort, Live by Night, and Peter Berg thriller based on the Boston Marathon Bombing, Patriots Day. After that, we look at the Golden Globes and analyze what this means for potential Oscar winners. We also discuss the recent passing of author/screenwriter/director William Peter Blatty. As always, if you enjoy the show then please let other movie lovers know about the show.

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Breakdown Outline: (things seemed properly synced this week so going to try this again):

Live By Night 1:27
Clinical 24:35
Patriots Day 39:25
Analyzing Golden Globes 55:55
Remembering William Peter Blatty 1:15:34
Rating Rundown 1:25:02

Ratings Rundown:

Live by Night **½ (CS)
Clinical * (CS) & *½ (SM)
Patriots Day ***½ (CS)