A 'Colossal' Return to the Star Powered B-Movie

I lamented on The Breakdown that the rise of studios putting out less movies in exchange for releasing a few big budget spectacles has meant the fall of the big studio B-movie. Last year we got the wonderful Blake Lively vs. a shark movie in The Shallows, but those odd ball and not quite mainstream friendly premises are becoming rarer. So, I am absolutely over the moon that this year we will be getting a movie that if it came out in the 1980s would have been released by either New Line or Cannon with glee in Colossal. It is a story about a down-on-her-luck slacker type who returns home because she has no money and to make matters worse, suddenly realizes she has a psychic connection with a giant kaiju that is destroying Seoul, South Korea. This premise is absolutely ridiculous, which is what makes it now one of my most anticipated movies of the year. The even great part is that is has some star power in Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, and Dan Stevens, and Hathaway is gloriously playing way against type as an alcoholic slacker. The marketing team deserves some praise too, as this movie has already been screened at a few festivals and the word is this trailer shows exactly what the movie is about but leaves out some significant plot and story details. I am guessing this is monster mashing with some dramatic heft, but I am happy someone realizes surprises are nice. Voltage Pictures isn't really a huge studio, but this one has enough star power that it may get decent theatrical distribution (Don Jon made it to Brantford in 2013) or should at least find its way on Netflix before year end.