I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

"How Far I'll Go" Never Leaves My Brain

There is a guaranteed moment in the day where my daughter, Danika, will point towards my pocket and then start doing a little jig in front of me. This of course is the universal message for "daddy, can you please take out your iPhone and play Auli'i Cravalho's 'How Far I'll Go" from the movie, Moana." When I eventually fulfill those wishes, she then throws her arms in the air, runs around on every piece of floor in the room, and shakes her little body to her own rhythm. So, this song is now pretty burned into my brain and will be hummed at any moment throughout the day.

It doesn't seem to have captured the imagination the same was as "Let It Go" but I'd argue is just as catchy and uplifiting. I look forward to the day that Danika will be old enought to see Moana, because it has a strong message for girls to stand up for themselves and dare to dream big. Alonh with Frozen, we have princesses that don't dream about having a man or have an end goal of getting married. These new princesses show young girls there is more to the world than that. You throw in movies like Zootopia and Inside Out, and Disney has become pretty progressive and created stories that encourage girls to be indepedent and strong-willed. Each of those movies has females leads that I'd happy for my young girl to love and aspire to be like. Disney also still knows how to make some fun, toe-tapping tunes.