I Have Some Questions for 'Sandy Wexler'

The new Sandy Wexler trailer leaves me with some questions. How long will it take before I want to hit the mute button thanks to Adam Sandler doing his "funny voice"? How thankful am I that it being a Netflix movie means that I have that option? But then how much am I crushed realizing as a reviewer of the movie, I am expected to hear the dialogue? If this is set in 1994, why are we getting comments from less than hot 1994 commodities like Conan O'Brien, Chris Rock, and Judd Apatow? Is the flat top haircut going to be the height of 1990 nostalgia humour? Will all 1990s mood setting be such obvious caricatures? Why did I have any optism for this movie? Will Jennifer Hudson get to do a full length original musical number? Will this graceful and beautiful woman actually add some class and quality to this movie? When Netflix made this deal with Sandler was there any notion that they would be getting funny movies?

All that said, I really hope that I am shocked and this becomes Sandler's best movie since 50 First Dates, because that movie is becoming more and more distant memory.