Key to Comedy is the Right Team

Two of the best comedies in the past few years was the action comedy Keanu and the Amy Schumer starring Trainwreck. During a time where most recent comedies have been a collection of forced jokes and way over used potty/sexual humour that have made viewing sessions a war of attrition, the mix of Schumer with action comedy in Snatched is enough to rile up excitement. On top of that, she will playing off Goldie Hawn who was one of the comedy gems of the 1980s and has proven to be willing to do anything for a big laugh. As proven in solid comedies like The Heat and Neighbors, the leads having a sizzling chemistry and an ability to set up fun gags is enough to elevate a pretty formulaic story. Even though we've had way more than enough pairs lost in a foreign land comedies, this one looks like it will have a fun energy and some pretty funny people, including supporting roles from the very funny Wanda Sykes and Ike Barinholtz. Plus director Jonathan Levine has a pretty good track record for funny movies in The Night Before and Warm Bodies. Hilarious women from two generations colliding feels like a movie worth getting excited about.