Technology Strikes Again in Delaying Breakdown

The Breakdown was recorded and formatted and ready for uploading last night. The site I use to host the podcast, Internet Archive, decided to do its ocassional reminder that you get what you pay for with a free service. The podcast missed my preferred 5:30 am posting and right now, it is up to the Archive stopping its temper tantrum and release my files from its dark grasp. I've had several issues with the site since using it from the start of the Breakdown, but at this stage, free still means more than the majority of those issues. If it ends up being another of those don't get it posted until Tuesday morning weeks, it may be worth shopping around again. My time definitely has some value, but it is hard to justify paying for a podcast host site when the Breakdown currently isn't putting any money back in the pocket. I hope the Breakdown will be up shortly but it is right now all up to the tempermental but free hosting site.