Life Gets in the Way of 'Life'

The Spicer Compound got hit with the plague this week, with Everett standing as the lone survivor. It has meant for a symphony of hacking and some occasional gagging and plenty of garbage bins full of tissues. Despite the raging sickness, I was all set to watch the late screening of Life last night (no new release Thursday screenings this week) but as my foot was reaching out the open door, Danika exploded into a rage of tears and screams from her bedroom. As Emily was already down for the count, it was my duty to be the soother. The soothing took right into showtime and so here I am again with the movie to be reviewed remaining unwatched. If all goes well, will have a review up before noon tomorrow. As well, there should be a review up for The Most Hated Woman in America this weekend as well, as soon as I see it (been one of those weeks).