'The Beauty and the Beast' Review Will Be Late

The plan is always to catch the late night Thursday screenings, so I can get the review posted before the official opening night screening on Friday. This is harder to do when I lay down for a quick bit of rejuvenation and instead fall asleep. This now means I miss out on the joy of the smaller late night crowd and will likely now be watching it with a bunch of excited girls and boys dressed up in pretty blue or yellow dresses. I will likely just watch it in jeans and a sweater, because my pretty stuff is stuck at the cleaners. Hope to have the review up before Saturday makes its arrival. Until then, you can always go back and read my Kong: Skull Island review if you're hankering for my thoughts on features about large hairy beasts.

In other news, I am not down with Hollywood Reporters new trendy lay out. My old man eyes have a hard time finding all the breaking movie news. This likely says way more about me than the site's revamp.