The Breakdown of' Kong: Skull Island' and 'Burning Sands'

This week The Breakdown has a review for one of the most anticipated movies of 2017 in the giant creature feature, Kong: Skull Island. Plus we have a review for the fraternity hazing drama in the latest Netflix original, Burning Sands. As well we have plenty of box office talk including if there are still movie stars whose names can draw out an audience and we also analyze what made Deadpool and Logan massive hits. One of the ways to help get a big return at the box office is to have a strong marketing campaign, so we discuss the viability of the movie short as a promotional tool that we've seen in both Deadpool 2 and Alien: Covenant. As always if you loved the show then please spread the word to other movie fans.

You can also check out my written review for Kong: Skull Island here.

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The Breakdown Outline:

01:52 Burning Sands review
19:19 Kong: Skull Island review
37:33 The death of the box office star
49:32 What can we learn from Deadpool and Logan?
59:40 The movie short as a marketing strategy
1:10:58 Review Rundown

Rating Rundown:

Burning Sands *** (CS & SM)
Kong: Skull Island **½ (CS)