Do You Need More of Scott's Dulcet Tones?

I think we can all agree that my Breakdown co-host Scott Martin is awesome. I'm sure you eagerly look forward to his calm and soothing voice giving you his movie thoughts every week. The thrilling and exciting news is you don't need to wait every Monday to get your Scott podcasting desire fulfilled. Get ready for it, Scott actually hosts two other podcasts. I've promoted his other shows on the Breakdown before, but I don't think that I've written about them here,

One of the shows that he does is co-hosted with his friend Deane Proctor and is about dealing with mental illness in the church, which is called Mind Matters. You can check out that bi-weekly show at their Facebook page here (or search for it rather easily on iTunes). The third show he does can also be found on iTunes and is called Our Ignorance is Bliss. He hosts it with our good friend and former roommate Cameron "The Puppy" Mitchell, who is also the man responsible for an amazing deck on a home that my family used to live in but now someone else enjoys.

OIB, as the cool kids call it, is exactly like The Breakdown except they don't talk about or review movies, they don't follow an outline, and has a preamble that typically runs for 60% of the show. Or maybe a better description would be to call it Morning Talk Radio that is typically recorded at night mixed with just two buddies having a lot of fun.

No matter how you want to describe those shows, you should give them a chance. Because the world always needs to hear more Scott Martin.