Not Quite the Place That I Want It to Be But It Will Do for Now

I probably have about eight or nine ideas for a blog post on a daily basis, and on a real good day, I could ramp that up to double. This doesn't include all the movie news and trailers that come out through the day, which is the stuff that I end up writing on here. Half of those initial idea usually have nothing to do with movies but usually are either personal anecdotes or something to do with the non-movie news or some creative concept that I want to play around with on the site. My goal is to try to diversify my writing outside of analyzing the latest piece of movie casting or marketing material. I would like to write on more substantial topics or probe some major social issues. On top of that I have some creative writing that I'd like to showcase on here as well. Essentially, I want to try to get this blog closer to resembling the diverse writing that I had on here in 2010 to 2013. The challenge is that my movie writing is also attracting a pretty big crowd of new readers. The Movie Breakdown brings in a significant part of my readership, and to achieve some long term career goals, it serves me for movie writing to be the focus on here. What usually happen is I start on what is to be a quick few minute riff then it either morphs into a New York chomping monster approaching a thousand words, or I get distracted by my daughter using lip balm as hair gel or giving the table a flying head butt (true stories). Next thing I know, it is just movie news on here again as the day gets late and the other sea of ideas get pushed aside to another day. This still isn't the big paying part of my writing career, so that is the game that has to be constantly played for now as time is still needed to appease the clients.