Please Sir, Promote Another (Podcast)

By now, you have probably run through the entirety of Scott's Mind Matters and Our Ignorance is Bliss podcast. So, you need another podcast series to quench that thirst, and I've got the perfect one for you, Today's Tea with Kenny P. It is a podcast hosted by a man named Kenny P, who just happens to have a different tea that he drinks each episode. But oh, it is so much more. It is the more that is a bit harder to describe, because there really isn't anything else like this show. It is probably best described as Stuart McLean blended with the cast of The Kids in the Hall by a radar gun shot from Flash Gordon as played by Sam J. Jones. Yes, I'm sorry many of those references just flew over the head of my younger readers or really even readers not so young, but Kenny P would know. The point is that the show is bizarre yet sweet with a wit and sense of humour, I would say it isn't for everyone but is there really anything that is literally for everyone? I know, people who don't eat pizza or never watched an episode Modern Family. It is a wacky world we live in, but just the type that deserves Today's Tea with Kenny P, so give it a listen.