Will 'The Circle" Draw in Those Who Don't Want to Be Fast or Furious Anymore?

Scott is back with his weekly box office predictions on his blog. This week he goes in-depth in analyzing how The Circle will do this weekend. He looks at several factors on why he feels it may not be a break-out hit including the state of stars as draws and how the movie is currently trending. I think, David Egger is a fantastic author and The Circle was an interesting exploration into the state of social media and privacy. The novel works because of Eggers unique prose, which obviously can't be implemented in a movie despite him having a hand in the screenplay. Director James Ponsoldt helmed two great character-driven movies about alcoholism in The Spectacular Now and Smashed that handled a serious issue without being didactic and filled with heart and humour. This trailer shows a movie that handles its issues with a sledgehammer. I may be wrong and my review should be saved for when I actually see it. The marketing gives that perception, which I think will harm the gross. But go click the link above to read Scott's in-depth thoughts on it.