My Top Ten Reasons Why More Read the 'No Breakdown' Post Than Any 'Breakdown' Podcast Post of the Past Three Months

So, my quick little scribble on my iPhone announcing a postponed Breakdown podcast somehow tripled the numbers of Breakdown podcast posts views on this site for the last three months. I was about to take this as another opportunity to chisel away my self-esteem and lather on butter of failure, but then I thought it may be slightly more productive to think why a throwaway post rocked the views of posts that contained the actual podcast.

Here is my Top Ten Reasons 'No Breakdown' beat out the actual Breakdown posts of the last three months.

1. The most likely reason is the regular and loyal listeners of the Breakdown podcast know it gets posted every Monday morning around 6:30, so they don't need to check out the weekly posts about that on this blog and instead head over to iTunes or the podcast feed to download it. But they may want to find out why there isn't a new episode waiting for them over at iTunes, which 'No Breakdown' promised an answer.

2. I've been the worst at updating on here, and just the promise of words arranged in the form of sentence set off a great hunger in jilted readers who ferociously gobbled up the three sentence paragraph of little significance.

3. Midichlorians.

4. The huge community of Kurt Russell fans mistook my 'No Breakdown" title for a declaration that the 1997 thriller never truly existed and their beloved film has just been a figment of their imagination this whole time. They obviously needed to jump on here immediately to stage their protest until they realized it was just me announcing a delay of a podcast called The Breakdown. The movie continues to exist.

5. Word leaked that over the Labor Day long weekend that I composed a long rant about how numbers have dipped dreadfully for both my writing and the podcast over the summer and once again, poured out my heart on my mental and emotional health issues, but I decided against posting it, yet it has been left simmering in the archives. Sensing that more low numbers may inspire me to push the Publish button, readers every got together to appease my ego to stop it by giving me some high reader numbers.

6. I'm really thinking it is just the iTunes thing, and regular readers don't even bother coming on here for the podcasts anymore.

7. Major fans of the great director Pablo Larrain mistook my title 'No Breakdown' as an in-depth analysis and review of his fantastic movie about the 1988 referendum in Chile on if Dictator Augusto Pinochet should extend his rule. Never heard of this great movie? We reviewed it on the Breakdown, and after you listen to that, go watch the movie.

8. It has finally been revealed that what the readers of this blog really want is posts about how the Breakdown podcast has been delayed. My true road to success and massive readership is postponing the podcast on a regular basis and then writing up a quick excuse. Money!

9. Definitely think it is the iTunes thing, considering the numbers over there are still pretty solid.

10. Trump.