Help Me Tech Savvy! You Are My Only Hope!

Those with the killer memory will remember that The Breakdown episode was delayed in posting yesterday. I was having issues with Internet Archive, which is something that happens on a semi-regular basis. But I couldn't really complain, because it is a free service and has been a fine home for The Breakdown for several years. The issue this time was an inability to access the needed enclosure link to get the show up on the RSS Feed, so I took the plunge and moved the podcast over to Podbean. Now, I didn't want to change the feed, because it already has a decent amount of subscribers and also just wanted to minimize hassle. Podbean wouldn't be my Feed or what uploaded the show on iTunes, just a source to host the podcast each week.

That apparently seems to have been my big mistake of the week (though like most weeks that is a toss up).

As it stands, this week's episode plays on the blog, it plays fine on the RSS Feed, but the episode loaded on iTunes won't play, though all past episode will play. I assume it is an enclosure link issue, but I can't get verification on that.

Podbean refuses to help because it isn't their feed. Feedburner doesn't have any way to contact them. They are owned by Google, but they seem to be busy taking over the world. I'm running out of option.

So, I turn to you the tech savvy who happens to read this blog. There must be at least one of you. Is it you? Is it? If it is, then could you please spread your genius and help me make iTunes a place where new episodes of The Breakdown can be listened to by its wonderful listeners.

In advance I give you a thousand pounds of thanks.