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The Breakdown of Horror Podcast: 'Jigsaw', 'The Ring', 'Rings', 'What We Do in the Shadows', and 'Don't Kill It'

It is almost Halloween, so The Movie Breakdown offers up the treats with five horror movies. The big theatrical release this week is the eighth installment in a popular horror franchise in Jigsaw. Does it justify the return after a seven year absence? Speaking of franchises, we look at a movie that not only spawned two sequels but also even a horror movie trend in The Ring, then just because we can then we look at the recent sequel, Rings. Just to show how relevant we are, we discuss the vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows, which is directed by Taika Waititi who next week gives us Thor: Ragnarok. In the only way you could possible end off this show, we review a movie where Dolph Lundgren battles screeching demons in Don't Kill It. It is a fun show for horror fans or those curious about what they should sample for Halloween. As always if you love the show then please spread the word to other movie fans.

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The Breakdown Outline:

05:23 What We Do in the Shadows review
24:45 The Ring review
42:13 Rings review
1:04:27 Jigsaw review
1:30:46 Don't Kill It review
1:48:10 Review Rundown

Ratings Rundown:

What We Do in the Shadows ***½ (CS & SM)
The Ring ***½ (CS& SM)
Rings * (CS & SM)
Jigsaw ** (CS)
Don't Kill It *½ (CS & SM)