'The Commuter' Trailer Promises Insanity for Final Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra Action Movie Team-Up

Liam Neeson has promised his action movie career is coming to an end. But Steve Soderbergh also retired from filmmaking in 2013, yet this year I swear that I saw Logan Lucky. Neeson believes it is getting a little silly for someone his age to be jumping from exploding vehicles and punching down a dominoes of baddies. Maybe no one should tell the seven years older Sylvester Stallone those thoughts.

If it is true this is near the end of Neeson undoing evil with his special set of skills, then I am glad he is doing one last team up with Jaume Collet-Serra. This will be their fourth time together as they've done Unknown, Non-Stop, and Run All Night (because I need to mention it whenever I have the chance, he also directed the Neeson-less but well-substituted Blake Lively starring shark thriller, The Shallows that was a blast).

The trailer makes it look like an insane finale to the Collet-Serra and Neeson thriller team-up. It has also convinced me to never talk to anyone on a train again. Neeson's insurance salesman character is given one hypothetical, and next thing he knows he is watching a guys get smacked by a bus, rumbling around with a stranger, and stuck on a burning train. A long traffic jam on the way to work doesn't seem so bad anymore.

This looks to be following the Non-Stop formula where Neeson has to investigate several passengers and attempt to figure out the one who doesn't belong, Except this time, it looks like that person may be a witness that he needs to protect and several of the others may be in on some evil conspiracy. It will likely be full of loopy twists that film nerds will devote Youtube videos tearing apart, but Collet-Serra has a good eye for action and solid pacing where those things shouldn't matter while watching it. A good thriller distracts you from the holes during the experience.

I just hope this movie is half as ridiculous and crazy as this trailer hints and Neeson at least throws one nasty tough off the train. January always seems to have at least one goofy little actioner that can be a mess but is still a lot of fun, and this looks ready to be that movie.