Today's Small Victory: Last Week's iTunes Issues Were Not My Feed's Fault

Last week, I had some technical issues posting last week's podcast, so after 4 years using Internet Archive to post the podcast, I decided to use Podbean instead. Then suddenly, a new issue arose where the podcast would not play directly on iTunes, but would play on the blog, on Podbean, on my Feed, and for iTunes Breakdown subscribers. I enlisted the help from Podbean, Blogger, and iTunes, with the concern it was likely something to do with the enclosure link, but all ignored that and blamed it on my feed. A feed that never gave me trouble and was playing just fine outside of iTunes.

Just as an experiment, I decided posting this week's show back on Internet Archive. It did not have technical issues this week, even if long term I do have some concern about its reliability. Well, the show has been posted for a few hours, and it is now on iTunes and playing perfectly right on the site. So, basically everything is working just like it did with every other episode other than last week's (the lone Podbean episode).

All this to say, I was right. It has nothing to do with my feed. The issue is something with Podbean, likely an error with their enclosure link. This really doesn't earn me anything, other than knowing that I was correct last week even as all the tech experts ignored me. I win over the experts!

I don't know what this means going forward. Last week proved that Internet Archive isn't the most reliable and I have had mounting issues with it for months now. But it eventually gets posted, and obviously works nicely with iTunes. Podbean on the other hand costs money, doesn't play nicely with my feed, and their customer service failed to provide any solution. I am in the mood to do better research and find a better host. For now, I may be sticking it out with Internet Archive after all.

Apologies for all the people who are now snoring and had no clue what I was writing about. Just know podcast is good to go this week, no matter how you like to listen to it.