Geek Out Time

Is it Thursday yet?


Okay, I was just making sure.

I write and podcast about movies all year and this year I have so far seen 140 movies from 2017, which is not counting all the movies that I've seen that were released from previous years. I don't just watch this movies, but I analyze and dig deep into them. I've been writing and podcasting about movies since 2012, so it is safe to say I have not only seen a lot of movies, but I've learned to appreciate what works and doesn't work in movies. My expectations for movies has risen over the years and I would say I have a pretty high standard. I am not just easily wowed by the latest big special effects extravaganza and not lured in by the hype.

Yet here am I once again a giddy fan in December in great anticipation for the latest Star Wars movie. For the last three years, a Star Wars movies has skyrocketed to the top of my most anticipated for that given year. I have also loved the two most recent Star Wars movies, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens landed number one on my best of 2015 list.

I declared in the past that my all-time favourite movie forever and ever has to be the original Star Wars. It is what spawned my love for movies and it is the story that inspired me to write fiction. It was my childhood. I write about movies today because of my deep love for Star Wars. I openly admit that I loved The Force Awakens so much because it allowed me to plunge into my nostalgia and the moment the open crawl came on, I became that enthusiastic little boy again. It brought me on the adventure once again.

I love movies and this has been a great year for them but if I could only ever see one movie each year, it would always be the latest Star Wars. Every time the new movie approaches and it is about time to return to the galaxy that is far, far away, I become that overjoyed and unrestrained child again. I am filled with optimism, hope, joy and dreams. Star Wars is that intoxicating and spiritual movie going experience.

Watching so many movies has made me very critical. I go into most movies ready to analyze and dissect. I am there to watch and enjoy, but I also have my reviewer hat on. But with Star Wars, I may also be reviewing it, but it is the one time in the year I am a total fan who soaks up the adventure.

Star Wars is why I keep on loving movies. And I'm ready for another great thrill ride. It is the one movie that I review that I admit to full bias and going in ready to love it all once again.