Fresh Start

I've been seeing the January 1, 2018 date as the reboot for the blog, which is why I've slowed down on posting content. The plan was to recharge for a new year where I then post every day and gold rains from the heavens.

I've already posted a piece on my plans and goals for the site this year. One of my big goals for the year is to expand the exposure of The Movie Breakdown podcast and increase my level of written reviews so I can apply to the Online Film Critics Society. There will be a renewed focus on writing about movies, but a huge increase on the level of reviews that will include weekly theatrical releases but also many revisit or retro reviews.

In the previous post, I mentioned I want to be far more honest and open, but I also want to be a lot better in doing quick little in the moment hot takes on the latest news or events. In the past year, I have had some strong feelings on a topic but decided to hold off on until I can write something in-depth, but then fail to ever get to it. This year, I aim to be more comfortable with not every piece being a gourmet meal and having more tasty little snacks. My goal is to just write and trust the words will provide entertainment. Not everything will be great, but I've learned I need to keep writing because it works as my therapy and hopefully, it will have value for others as well.

This is the year were I plan to push myself far more with my writing. I want to keep trying new things on the blog with more humour pieces, serialized fiction, and tackling a wider variety of topics. I also really want to get back to writing weekly columns for other sites, completing my manuscript for an unfinished novel, and pushing some non-fiction books. I will aim to be much better at detailing my writing journey with my various projects on here.

Outside of writing, this is the year that I really hope to constantly make my love clear to my family and friends. I am entering my tenth year of marriage with Emily, and she is an amazing and fun person. I hope this is a year I can show her how much I appreciate being married to her for these past ten years. I have the most awesome kids in the world, and I will focus on trying to spend even more time with them.

Here is to having a much better year in 2018 and I wish you all a very happy 2018.