Going to Grandma's House: Evidence that Danika and Everett are Very Different People

My two children are very different. Most readers could probably have figured that out for themselves considering Everett is a boy and Danika is a girl. Plus Everett is now six years old (slow down buddy!) and Danika is turning three in March. But the big differences are their personalities and how they handle situations. Danika is extremely outgoing, passionate in everything she does, and always tries to have cookie instead of dinner. Everett prefers one-on-one time, is self-reflective, and will try almost any food.

I could write a book on the differences in my children. I think one of the best examples is a weekly event that both my kids have experienced often: going to grandma's house. Before Everett started going to school, he would go to grandma's house once a week so I could get more writing done. Now, this is a regular ritual for Danika. It usually has worked with grandma coming to the house to pick them up, so I put in the car seat and buckle up the kids.

While I am eager to blow a kiss and say good-bye so I can get to work, I am also known to be "chatty' and will get distracted while talking about something with my mom. My kids on the other hand, are excited to get playing at grandma's house.

If I got talking too long with grandma while Everett waited in the car, he would usually look up at me and quietly ask a question.

"Why isn't grandma driving?"

This was his passive way of letting daddy know that it was time to stop talking and for grandma to take him to her house. I would usually chuckle and then off he would go.

Danika's approach has proven to be a bit different.

"Daddy! Stop talking!" This is followed with her hand being thrusted towards my face to make sure I know it is the moment to be silent. Then she shoots here arm towards grandma.

"Grandma! Drive!"

So, off they go. At least with Danika, I never have to guess what she is thinking or wants.