If You Love 'Game Night' Stick Around for the Stinger

It is early into 2018, but Game Night is still one of the most delightful surprises of the year. It is the first genuinely funny comedy since last summer's The Big Sick. Unlike most of the dreadful comedies of the last several years, this one has likable characters, a cheerful spirit, and earns its emotional moments. It was nice to see a movie that avoided cynicism and actually has affection for its main characters.

Of course, I successfully covered all this in my review on this past Monday's The Movie Breakdown podcast episode. But my review did have one significant failing, I forgot to mention that the movie has a final scene after the end credits. I usually like to add to things in my review that I think will be helpful for listeners/readers like if a movie is worth being seen in 3D (this movie is happily only in 2D) and if there are any stingers (the name for the scenes that happen after the credits finish).

I forgot to mention the stinger in Game Night's, which is my latest reminder why I need to have notes during the show or why I need to push myself more to have my written review done before recording. It is a shame that I forgot to mention the stinger, because it is one of the better ones of the past several months.

If you dig the humour and tone of Game Night, then it is worth sticking around to the end of the credits. It has a pay-off to two of the movie's running gags and gives a scene to two of the minor characters. It is a fun and lighthearted scenes that delivers a final punchline to two of the movie's great long-running jokes. 

Definitely a comedy worth checking out in the theatre and make sure to stick around to acknowledge all the people that worked hard to actually deliver a funny movie and enjoy a stinger worthy of the movie.