February Movie Review Round-Up: Big Event Movie and a Comedic Surprise Deliver

It was another pretty impressive month at the movie theatres. February started off slow with some big disappointments in the unscary horror in Winchester and a misguided biopic starring the real life non-actor heroes, The 15:17 to Paris. Then things really picked up as we got what will be one of the biggest movies of the year that really delivered on the anticipation in Black Panther. Then the quality kept on rolling with a decent animated adventure in Early Man, a very chilling sci-fi thriller in Annihilation, and an absolutely delightful surprise in action-comedy in Game Night.

Sadly, the Netflix Originals were mostly a fart on a church pew. The little known foreign romance On Body and Soul was a nice and sweet movie and my lone recommendation coming out of Netflix. The big anticipated sci-fi movies turned out to be massive disappointments in The Cloverfield Paradox and Mute. But at this point, I just expect everything to come out of the streamer to be filler anyway.

Here is the list of all my February 2018 reviews:

2018 Movie Reviews:

1. Black Panther ***½
2, Game Night ***½
3. Annihilation ***
4. Early Man ***
5. On Body and Soul ***
6. Seeing Allred **½
7. Love Per Square Foot **½
8. When We First Met **
9. The Ritual **
10. Irreplaceable You *
11. Winchester 
12. Mute
13. The 15:17 to Paris *
14. The Cloverfield Paradox *

Movies Not from 2018 That Were Reviewed: 

1.  The Post ****
2.  Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri ***½
3.  Shape of Water ***
4.  Say Anything ***½
5.  Roman Holiday ***½
6.  Barefoot in the Park ***
7.  The Return of the Living Dead ***