The Breakdown of 'A Quiet Place', 'Blockers', 'Happy Anniversary', 'First Match' & 'The Titan'

It's Monday morning and you are itching for some movie reviews, and we have five of them. The big one is the latest horror picture, this time about parents trying to protect their children from blind creatures that hunt by sound in A Quiet Place. The parents protecting their kids theme continues with the teen sex comedy about three adults trying to stop their daughters from completing a sex pact in Blockers. We also have a dark family drama mixed with a sports picture in First Match. From there, we discuss the romantic comedy about a couple deciding if they should break up in Happy Anniversary. Finally, we have a sci-fi thriller inspired by movies like The Fly in the Sam Worthington starring The Titan. As you can see, it is a loaded show and we also have some big recommendations for you. As always if you love the show then please spread the word to other movie lovers.

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The Movie Breakdown Outline:

00:21 Scott promises something we never follow through on
1:06 Reveal Benji stinger & Happy Wrestlemania
03:14 Happy Anniversary review
14:47 Conversation about penis in movies
17:33 First Match review
32:04 A Quiet Place review
43:40 The Titan review
57:24 Blockers review
1:12:08 Review Rundown & Scott's belief in what Sam Worthington can do & quick Gods of Egypt chatter & Blumhouse chatter & Christopher likes a Dune Platinum movie & Avatar falling

Rating Rundown:

Happy Anniversary ** (CS) & * (SM)
First Match ***½ (CS & SM)
A Quiet Place **** (CS)
The Titan * (CS & SM)
Blockers ***½ (CS)