The Movie Breakdown and The International House of Spicer Have Gone Social

Social media that is.

Well, they have been on social media since their inception, and I've been promoting both the blog and podcast on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for years. But now it is a new era, because both the blog and the podcast have their own Facebook page.

What does this mean?

Basically, they now have Facebook pages. It probably won't change much, but my hope is it may increase interaction and maybe potentially draw in some new listeners/readers. It also is a symbolic way for me to show renewed commitment to both projects and trying to push harder at making them grow and improve.

I do have to say that I've been touched by the support shown for both pages, and it was a healthy reminder you are all a bowl full of awesome sauce.

In case you want to like them, you can reach The Movie Breakdown page here and The International House of Spicer page here.

Also, just to increase interaction and to start separating the blog and podcasts more, I have created a Twitter account for the podcast right here. And the blog Twitter account will remain my own personal one that you can get here.

For people who came here from a link on my personal Facebook feed, this is the last time all my blog posts will be coming from there (I may occasionally put some of the more personal pieces there), but from now on, the link to new blog articles will be posted on The International House of Spicer Facebook page.