Aghast! Help Me, Pro Podcast Techie, You're My Only Hope!

I was going over last week's The Movie Breakdown episode and noticed once again the times that I have in the outline are off. So, I started fixing the time stamps for each segment. But then I discovered something, every time I hit refresh on the page and started listening to a segment again, the time stamp changes. It either started a bit earlier or a tad later than the time that I had just typed on the page. I am either the most incompetent time stamper ever or there is something wonky with the Internet Archive player. I haven't checked to see if the time stamps are consistent with my Window's media player and the iTunes player yet. Now, I've asked this is in the past but it is really driving me nuts, because I'd like to create an outline that is actually useable and accurate. Does anyone know why the timing for the player changes every single time? Up until now, I did not know seconds and minutes were a subjective thing that is determined by how a piece of software feels at the moment. I think I may need to start letting it have cookies after dinner now.