Apologies for the Latest 'The Movies Breakdown' Episode and My Guess on What Went Wrong

Last summer, was The Movie Breakdown's big 200th episode, and to celebrate it, we lost at least 30 minutes of the recording. Now to commemorate that moment, one of our biggest episodes' of this year, The Breakdown of the Best of 2018 So Far (posted this past Monday) ended up riddled with serious sound issues and is a bit of a mess to listen through. Part of it is that my audio drops many times throughout the show, but also because our Skype call was a disaster on both ends, neither us were really playing off each other. I think the actual content still turned out pretty decent, but the sound quality is sub-par and can make it a bit of a challenge to get through to the end (get a cookie from your cupboard if you made it through).

We wouldn't normally even try posting something like this, except this was already our second attempt at recording and had spent about four hours both days trying to get this episode listenable for you. At this point, we just wanted something to show for our efforts and crossed our fingers that it turned out listenable. Depending your definition of 'listenable' it did.

I still want to apologize for the sound quality. Our hope is that this was a rare occurrence, just like how we lost a half hour plus of recording last summer. It seems like technical issues ramp up with the heat. Our show has definitely suffered through some more glitches and issues ever since we had to stop recording in person and started to do the show with us in separate locations (for a few months my voice was loud and echoey, we had way too many dropped calls causing choppy episodes, delays in conversation, other stressful things).

Shortly after we finally got this recent episode recorded, my cable started freezing and suffering awful glitches. Then to add to the fun, the internet completely conked out for the rest of the day. It turns out my area was having some major issues for anyone who was a Rogers subscriber. Then the next morning, I got a text saying all was well in my area again except it wasn't and the cable still was a mess and the internet wasn't working. That afternoon, I saw an ominous Rogers' truck drive by and half hour later, I haven't had any issues since.

My hope is that little annoyance was connected with the awful recording, and that everything now is a giant two thumbs up. I have to confess to some anxiety about this weekend's recording and I am afraid in discovering it was something besides my ISP having technical issues. We have a few strategies in place in case there are issues this weekend, and if there are serious issues, we will then start implementing a new way of recording to make sure there aren't any major sound issues again. It will mean more work on our end, but sound quality is a major part of a podcast working. We want to at least trick you into thinking we are professional.

Thanks for still checking out this week's show (it is one of our highest listened to episodes of the year) and again, we apologize for the less than stellar sound quality.