Just Keep Swimming

Turning the Lights Back On. . .

I'm back!

After a week away, the site is up and running again. Or at least, more likely to be chugging along like a confident little caboose now that I'm back on the internet. 

I was away for a week at a cottage near Huntsville (Ontario) with my lovely family and the equally lovely family of my sister-in-law. Since cottage time is about relaxing and paddling and swimming and praying the thunderstorms take a vacation, I was without Wi-Fi and thus couldn't post here (with the lone exception of Monday's The Movie Breakdown episode that I had postdated before I left last Saturday). 

The week before the vacation, I was flying solo with the kids, because Emily was at a workshop. So, I've had two weeks' worth to get a little behind on client work and other writing projects. My goal is to dig deep this week into paying work. I also am well aware that my best way of landing work has always been this trusty personal site, and so I also aim to get daily (or more) articles on here this week (and beyond!). 

You can expect the latest episode of The Movie Breakdown up tomorrow, because it is already recorded. Being away means that I missed this weekend's new releases, so I plan to trot out to see those, so expect over the week reviews for Crazy Rich Asians, Alpha, and Mile 22. I have several tributes that I still want to write for passed celebrities that played a significant role in my pop culture consumption, and this week added a few more in Aretha Franklin and Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart, so I'd like to try to get a few pieces over the next week or two. I've been meaning forever and a year to get something up about parenting again, and I have a few article ideas I am excited to write. Plus life keeps on powering through giving me new ideas to write about, so I will tackle what comes to me daily. You should have a significant amount of prose and rantings to make up for this past two week's drought.

But until then, how was your week?