Happy Birthday to My Marvelous Wife and Love of My Life

It is the yearly tradition of declaring my amazing and wonderful wife, Emily, is once again turning 21 years old. The funny thing is that there still are folks that meet her and think that she is literally 21 years old. Despite her only being two years younger than me, having two children who are 3 and 6 respectively, been a professional teacher for 15 years now, and being married for over 10 years. It would be quite the feat to have accomplished all that at the age of 21, and even though my wife is super-human and amazes me on a daily basis, she couldn't even (nor would she want to) pull all that off at just 21 years old. But she can still pass for that age among some people and she remains very young in spirit.

We've already done some birthday celebrating at home and I've said my words of love in private, but it isn't official until you do it on social media. Emily, you amaze me on a daily basis with your love, compassion, hard work and self-sacrifice that you demonstrate to our family. We love you very much and are so blessed that you have been a part of our lives.

Happy birthday and I love you, Emily.