The Breakdown of Halloween - 'The Grudge', 'Coraline', 'Mom & Dad', 'Train to Busan', and 'Creep 2'

It is almost time for 'Trick or Treating', so that must mean it is our annual special episode The Breakdown of Halloween. Every October we've had a spotlight on a variety of different horror movies, and this year is no different. We have a massive hit from 2004 in the Sarah Michelle Gellar starring The Grudge. We also have a spooky movie for brave kids in the animated feature Coraline. Then we have a Korean zombie flick in Train to Busan. We also review two 2018 indy horror features in Mom & Dad and Creep 2. We also answer a listener's question on what would be good introductory horror movies for someone who hasn't really seen anything from the genre. It was a lot of fun to record and we hope it is a great show for horror fans or even those a little hesitant about the genre. As always if you love the show then please spread the word to other movie buffs.

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The Grudge *** (CS & SM)
Coraline **** (CS & SM)
Train to Busan *** (CS & SM)
Mom & Dad *** (CS & SM)
Creep 2 *** (CS & SM)