'The Movie Breakdown' Podcast Is Not Enough? Check Out the '80's All Over' Podcast

The latest episode of The Movie Breakdown released this morning and I hope you loved or will love it. If you have listened to every episode of our movie review podcast, then you now have many hours that could be filled with another movie review podcast. That is right, as shocking as this may be, Scott and I appear to not be the only two people in the world that talk about movies. One of the very best movie review podcasts is 80s All Over. It is hosted by long-time movie critics and lifetime movie fanatics, Drew McWeeny and Scott Weinberg, They really know their movie history and have some really great insight, plus they have a pretty fun sense of humour.

The series aims to review every major release of the decade that is the 1980s, and their first episode is January 1980, then they go in chronological order from there. I've listened to every episode, and it is great as a nostalgia kick for someone who saw many of these movies as a kid but also great as a pop culture history lesson. Please check out the show, because it is a must-listen for any movie buff.

I would definitely say this works best for the person who loves movies. If you are more of a casual fan or not as aware of film history, you may want to keep Google handle as they assume you know some of the big names of the era. But they are entertaining enough that you'd still get a lot from the show even if you haven't seen too many movies from the 1980s/

The most recent episode is May 1984 and contains a hot debate and argument over the controversial but still beloved Sixteen Candles. The discussion gives a lot of great perspective and allows for two different views of a movie many consider a classic. Check it out and support yet another great podcast. But you know, don't forget us every Monday either.