Just Keep Swimming

The Breakdown of Nostalgia

It is another special episode this week, and this time we are calling it the 'Breakdown of Nostalgia.' We've done similar shows like this a few years ago, but it is fun to sometimes get a bit more personal and look at how movies have shaped us into the movie fans and critics that we are now. The discussions includes memories of the video rental store, movies that made us want to play out those adventures when we got home, the hype built on the playground, and the anticipation of one day seeing that bloody horror or action movie. As a father, I've had the pleasure of seeing my kids have some of the same excitement for movies that I had as a kid, especially in how they love to pretend to be their favourite characters and play out new adventures throughout the house (or castle or jungles as they've decided it has become). We had a lot of fun going down memory lane and we hope you really love it, and if you do, please help us out by spreading the word to other movie fans.

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