Top Ten Great Things About Having a Lingering Several Week Long Flu

I got an early Christmas present in the form of a can't shake cold that has now been giving me low energy, a nagging cough, sore throat, Kleenex exercises and a pounding headache going on three weeks now. It doesn't really fit into my immediate plans, but 2019 is the year of the glass half full, so I am trying to be positive about everything. This include the flu that won't go away. I decided to bestow my loyal readers with the top ten reasons it is awesome to have a nasty flu.

1. It is something you can share with the whole family.

2. A deep, husky, throaty voice is considered super sexy according to a magazine article that I think I read one time.

3. You finally may win that Addams Family lookalike contest.

4. You keep saying that you need to go to bed earlier, now you have the energy to do it.

5. The Great Muta mist!

6. Way cheaper than buying your kid a slime kit for Christmas.

7. Finally, a way to avoid those close talkers.

8. If you feel like juggling parenting and work has become far too easy, you finally have the extra challenge you've been clamouring to enter your lie.

9. You are helping out the economy with the rise in tissue sales.

10. You have a built-in excuse for posting a lame top ten, as an attempt to meet your daily content promise on your blog.