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'The Movie Breakdown' Delayed Until Tuesday Next Week

I usually make The Movie Breakdown recording schedule at the end of the month (right when the Netflix Original movies for the upcoming month gets announced so I know what will be on each show). So, I've known for several weeks that the plan was to delay this upcoming show by a day so that we could discuss anything significant that came out of the Oscars rather than making such discussion a week old. But then the amount of theatre movies we were going to discuss tripled and I started thinking it might be better to avoid overstuffing the show and gamble that there wouldn't be anything interesting to talk about at the Academy Awards anyway. So, I purposefully neglected to mention the planned one day delay on the show.

Well, I've changed my mind again, and we will discuss something about the Oscar on the upcoming show, and in order for that to happen, we can't do our normal Sunday morning recording time. Instead, we will record Monday night, which means the show will be out Tuesday morning.

This also means we will have a super-sized episode with six movie reviews planned and the aforementioned discussion about all the excitement that happens at the Academy Awards. Maybe later this week, I'll give some awards predictions, so then on the show, I can either brag over my great picks or just completely ignore how horribly I did.

I can say that with the overhaul of the Academy voting members from the past few years that it has made the actually winners (especially Best Picture) a lot less obvious now. Apparently, some of the buzz is on Green Book, but I'm not quite ready to declare that as the victor. Partly, because it is just such a routine and safe biopic type picture, and I feel there are so many better nominees. Of course, what I actually think is great has nothing to do with what will win.