Time to Get the Blog Back on Track to be the Best

I keep promising daily articles. I keep promising written reviews. I keep promising pieces that deliver my quick responses on major pop culture events. I keep promising a window into the life of being a father to busy little Spicers. I keep promising this is the place you need to be every day for bubbling, writery goodness. Yet I keep breaking that promise?

The reason?

I never backed up those promises with a theme song.

For those who have been long-time listeners of The Movie Breakdown, you know that I love The Karate Kid. It was right up there with Star Wars and Indiana Jones as a childhood cinematic influencer. There is a lot of reasons to love the movie, but I think it may have one of the best 1980s music montages around. And the 1980s knew how to do the music montage.

I dare you to try to avoid getting pumped while listening to Joe Esposito rock out 'You're the Best' as Daniel LaRusso makes his way through the tournament until the eventual big showdown with Johnny Lawrence. Yes, my dear reader, this is truly the only way to relaunch a blog properly.