40 Years of Beauty, Grace and Wonder

I have been married to Emily for over 11 years now. I started dating her in the summer of 2005 and I've known her since the fall of 2004. That is a long time, but it is kind of crazy to think that there was over 25 years where we didn't know each other.

She is my lover. She is my wife. She is the amazing mother to our two kids. She is also my best friend, my muse, my motivation and my comic partner. I can't really picture what my life was like before her and don't want to imagine it without her, and I am thankful for that. I am a better person with her, and our relationship has created the greatest things and memories in my life. 

This summer, we actually got a week without the kids and we packed up the dogs for a several days canoe trip. It was nice just being a couple and enjoying each other's company. You forget how wonderful time alone with each other can be with work, kids and chaos. I am very thankful for all that chaos and love my life, but those few days camping out by the lake were very special. I look forward to many more chances to be reminded how much I love being with Emily.

So, on her birthday, I wish her all my love and my very best. She has been a terrific gift and one that lasts a lot longer than a big screen TV and is even better than wine at getting finer with age.

Happy Birthday, Hon, I love you forever.