First Day of School 2019 Edition

This is a huge month in the Spicer house. It is the end of summer vacation, which means Emily is back to work as a high school teacher and Everett is now entering Grade 3. For the first time, Danika is now off to school as she officially starts as a Junior Kindergartener on Thursday.

September is always a crazy mind trip for me with a reminder that my kids are getting older. I tend to go down Nostalgia Lane and look at photos where my kids were chubbier and shorter. I usually hit the stop on the trail that makes me realize I am proud of the kids they have become, and I soak up the blessings of having an amazing family.

It is going to be an interesting year. I am excited about having entire days where I can work without distractions. I can focus on writing without worrying about a little girl who will think the couch needs more seasoning, believe it is time to take a laundry hamper ride down the stairs or feel beautiful is covering her naked body (desks and walls) in lipstick.

I'm also really going to miss all those things. I have some major butterflies knowing my little girl is off to school and this is the end of an era. I don't have anymore pre-school aged kids. My time with them is now hectic morning, evenings, weekends and holidays. Those times have now become more precious than any treasure.

My kids will have many adventures this year. They will have many stories to share. They are going to learn so much. It is going to be a big year for me as well, as the excuses of distractions are gone, and I have many big projects that I plan to tackle and jump head first into.

For today and tomorrow, I'm going to enjoy my last full days with Danika. She will need to get used to life at school and being away from me. But I suspect that it will end up being an even bigger adjustment period for me.