The Breakdown of 'Joker', 'Between Two Ferns: The Movie', 'Hustlers', and 'Falling Inn Love'

We're back to reviewing new releases this week and we've got four of them on this episode. It seems like every few months there must be a new comic book movie, but this is one very different, as we look at the gritty, violent origin story of an iconic villain in Joker. We also have another movie geared towards adults with the based on true event tale of strippers that scammed rich wall street types out of lots of money in Hustlers. We also have some comedies including the feature length adaptation of a popular YouTube series in Between Two Ferns: The Movie. It is the time of year where Netflix rolls out cheesy romantic comedies and so then we have to discus Falling Inn Love. Then we analyze the recent comments Martin Scorsese made about comic book movies not being cinema. As always, we had a great time recording the show and we really hope you love it. If you do, the best way to show that appreciation is to spread the word on social media.

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The Movies' Four-Star Rating:

Joker ** (CS)
Between Two Ferns: The Movie *** (CS & SM)
Hustlers***½ (CS)
Falling Inn Love *½ (CS & SM)