Christmas is Almost Here, So a Perfect Time for a Pictorial Exploration of the Spicer's Fall

The last time I wrote about the adventures in the Spicer' Kingdom was when Danika was starting school. She is now a grizzled veteran who rules the Junior Kindergarten domain, or at least, she seems to be getting along with everyone. I am ecstatic that her habit of biting and punching her brother hasn't migrated to the schoolyard, and everyone there thinks she is a charming young lady.

So, as you may have guess, much as has happened since that first week in September and here is a pictorial tale of some of the highlights.

I threw a surprise 40th Birthday party for Emily this year, mostly because as luck would have it, she turned 40 this year. It would have been pretty embarrassing if she was 23.

Should I be worried that my 4-year-old daughter 'caught' the wedding bouquet? Danika technically was given it by the person who 'won' because she was so darned cute, so I don't think that means I need to be planning a wedding yet.

The annual fall fair at the kid's school has traditionally been where the kids are allowed to check out a local fire truck, but many years, it has left before they've had a chance because some inconsiderate building has decided to catch on fire.

My 1980s is showing, as I have influenced Everett to the point that he wanted to go as his favourite fictional character, Indiana Jones. I am not even sure if half his friends even know who that is. Though, he has convinced at least one friend to go watch the movies.

Danika went with a costume more to this era, Anna from Frozen. A movie she has only seen about two billion times.

Emily carved this pumpkin, which is why it is amazing.

Everett demanded that I carve Indiana Jones into his pumpkin. Yes, that is what I am attempted do here. I realize, it works better as a scarecrow holding a scythe. But I did this free-hand, and Everett actually loved it and was proud of it, so all I really needed was my son's approval and happiness.

Can you guess which one of my kids likes being photographed?

I got old! Again!

Every November, I do a challenge where you must write 50 thousand new words of your novel in the month. It is a global event that many writers participate in, and my city has a local chapter, where we get together every week to encourage each other, share ideas and write together. Everett expressed interest that he wanted to take part and I discovered that they have one for kids where they can choose a goal of how many words they will write in the month. Everett has chosen 5 thousand as his goal. So, it has been with a lot of pride and great pleasure, that Everett has joined me this year in trying to write lots of words towards a novel. He is also without a doubt the most loved person in our weekly local writing group. This of course, is not a photo of that gathering but us working hard at home.

There you go! We did stuff these last few months! Who would have guessed! How has your fall into winter been?