The Breakdown of 'Terminator: Dark Fate', 'Dolemite if My Name', 'The Laundromat' 'Fractured' and 'Eli'

Can you believe we are in November already? It has almost been another year of The Movie Breakdown and this week we're bringing you five movie reviews. The cool thing among all the kids is having sequels that retcon out all the sequels we don't like and so, we have Terminator: Dark Fate, the movie that wants you to believe there has only been two previous movies in the series. Speaking of erasing the past, who said that Eddie Murphy was in a slump and this week we look at the movie designed to make the comedian relevant again in the comedic biopic Dolemite is My Name. We also have the second Steve Soderbergh movie this year, this time in the Meryl Streep starring The Laundromat. Then we cap off the show with two thrillers in the Sam Worthington starring Fractured and the flick about a spooky kid in Eli. We had a blast recording the show this week and we really hope you love it. If you do, then we really ask that you please spread the word about the show to other movie fans.

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The Movies' Four-Star Rating:

Terminator: Dark Fate ** (CS)
Dolemite is My Name ***½ (CS & SM)
The Laundromat ** (CS & SM)
Fractured *½ (CS) & * (SM)

Eli *½ (CS) & * (SM)