My Twenty Goals for 2020

I wasn't going to post my goals this year, but I am someone that believes it is important to have dreams and goals. If I was going to have things that I wanted to accomplish this year then I mind as well, make myself accountable by posting them for all my readers to see. Yes, some of these have been on previous years lists, but just because they weren't fully realized yet doesn't mean to stop aiming for them.

1. Make sure my family knows without a doubt how much I love them. I usually have a variation of this goal each year, and it will always be my number one goal, because I can always do it more and better.

2. Land a literary agent. Traditional publishing remains the best route for an author and novelist. The best way to land a book deal with a major publishing company is still to have an agent. This year I am going to be more focused on querying major agents. Of course, before that can begin, I need to have a completed and thoroughly edited manuscript. I will be spending the first few months of 2020 completing and polishing the novel that I think has the best chance to win over an agent.

3. Join the Online Film Critics Society. This means that I really need to dig down and write as many movie reviews as I can this year. I will be aiming to write reviews of every theatrical release that I see and do some reviews of older movies.

4. Have at least one article posted on the blog every day this year. I initially put 'write' but realized there will be days that I may be away or on vacation, so I will need to write something ahead of time and post date. The goal is to at least make it appear that I've written something every day.

5. Increase listeners for The Movie Breakdown podcast. My hope is to get big enough to either appeal to sponsors or to launch a successful Patreon. I've also thought about creating a movie site that would be connected to the podcast. Scott and I have also talked for a long time about expanding to more weekly shows and tackling various other subjects, but at this point, we need bigger audience numbers to get the resources and money to justify it. To achieve this, I need to expand the places where you can subscribe to the podcast, increase the weekly marketing and just keep producing a show that will appeal to a decent sized audience.

6. Increase the audience for The International House of Spicer. The podcast and blog have suddenly had a huge spike in views this past month, and so I want to capitalize on that by providing articles and podcast episodes that will keep everyone coming and maybe spread the word to even more potential regular readers/listeners. I've got several plans to hopefully make the blog an attractive daily destination. On top of weekly movie reviews for the new releases, I want to do a series where I review every MCU movie, every animated Disney movie and every Star Wars. My goal has been to expand into TV for awhile, and I've thought about going through The Simpsons, Friends and The Americans.  I also want to do more parenting pieces where I'll mix slice of life with advice and opinions. I'd also like to try to do a serialized story where I'd release weekly episodes. I have several other things that I'm trying to figure out that hopefully with make this place unique, interesting and engaging.

7. Triple my income. I don't think I've ever put money as a goal on here. There is a stigma about wanting more money, but the reality is money is a wonderful thing that can help in achieving some of my other major goals and dreams. As well, more money will allow me to not only provide more for my family, but I can use it for charitable causes, people in my community and others in need. Over the next several weeks, I'm going to continue to explore several potential multiple revenue streams to achieve this goal.

8. Travel more. I have an earned reputation of being a curmudgeon, but Emily really likes going places and of course, my kids love going somewhere new. Danika and Everett both still talk about our trip to Rochester this past summer, which is proof these type of experiences are profound. I hope to do more of it this year and create more memories with my kids.

9. Plan more family outings. If you ask Emily, if I plan one thing this year then I'd have done more planning than any other year.

10. Teach the dogs a new trick. Preferable the two dogs that we have at home so I can bond with them more rather than prowling the streets trying to find random dogs to get to 'shake a paw' (my dogs know that one already).

11. Spend more time with family and friends. Remember that whole talk about being a curmudgeon? The downside with working from home and now that both kids are in school, I am basically by myself most of the day. I am very lucky to have some amazing friends and family, and this year, I need to be more proactive in spending time with them.

12. Be positive. I've been reading and listening about positive thinking and the value in being optimistic and believing in yourself. It has done a lot in improving my mental health and giving me renewed confidence in my ability to realize my dreams. I am going to continue to proactively do things to keep my energy and thoughts in a positive direction daily.

13. Watch more classic and older movies. I host a weekly movie podcast and have been writing professionally about movies since 2012. I have also been a movie buff my entire life. Even then, I would say that I have a lot of movie blindspots and there are many great movies through the decades that I haven't seen. In order to be a strong writer about movies, I want to continue to improve my film literacy and knowledge.

14. Read at least one book a month. Failed at this last year, but I'm totally going to nail it this time.

15. Land a weekly/monthly column for a major site or magazine. I haven't had a weekly column on a major site for about two years now. Now, I can use this blog to fill some of my weekly column needs, but I also like the idea of having to come up with creative pieces on a particular subject on a weekly basis where I also get paid for it.

16. Live in the moment. It is so easy to get distracted. It is so easy to be thinking about something else while my kids run and scream around me. I want to be better at being fully immersed in whatever I'm doing and really appreciate the time I have with my kids (and family and friends and ice cream).

17. Get down close to 170 pounds. I need to eat healthier and be more active this year (maybe less ice cream, then). Otherwise, the goal of getting down to 170 pounds is going to be even more daunting than trying to lose 25 to 30 pounds (closer to 30 with being the holidays).

18. Create some signature dishes that make my family cheer. The more I cook, the better I've become as a cook. I still feel like I haven't created those dishes yet that really get my family's mouth watering. I'm hoping to build my confidence and skills in the kitchen this year.

19. Scrapbook of my kid's key life moments. I've kept several things my kids have made and done over the years. As my kids get older, the more I begin to forget what they were like. My hope this year is to start taking those keepsakes and masterpieces and creating a scrapbook as a way to hold on to some of those great memories and moments.

20. Drink beer. Already accomplished!