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Speaking About Best of the 2010s . . .

Creating my Top Ten Movies of the 2010s this week has flooded me with nostalgia and got me thinking about a lot of great movies. It also really got me thinking about some amazing movie moments. It also reminded me how much I absolutely love A Star is Born, and it is a movie that is a magnificent collection of moments that blends into an uplifting, inspiring and heartbreaking movie. All those emotions can be in found in what is one of the catchiest songs of the past few years, Shallow. The moment when Lady Gaga's Ally steps on the stage with Bradley Cooper's Jack for the first time is one of those butterflies in the gut moments as you feel both her anxiety but also feel exhilarated as you know this is her break-out moment.

One of the things that I really love about A Star is Born is that the hit songs really sound and feel like hit songs. This would also be the reason that most of them actually turned out into real life hits. 'Shallow' may not be the best song in the movie, but its connection with that powerful moment probably triggers the most in me.

Here is the official video of 'Shallow' from A Star is Born.