The Breakdown of the Best of the 2010s

It is a brand-new decade, but we aren't quite ready to say good-bye to the 2010s yet. It was a great decade for movies where there was a diverse slate at the cinema despite that some have whined there are no great movies anymore. Not only has there been great movies but this week we talk about some classics. Both Scott and I will reveal our top ten favourite movies of the past decades. It will be a great show to not only remind you how wonderful the past ten years has been for movies, but it will also create an awesome recommendation list for you to track down some movies. Hopefully, we point towards something you missed or have been ignoring for the past few years.

We had a blast discussing these great movies and it has turned into another super-sized episode that goes over two and a half hours. We really hope you love the show and can't wait to kick off another great year of The Movie Breakdown. We are so thankful for you choosing to listen to us, and if you love the show then please help us out by spreading the word to other movie fans.

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Top Ten Best Movies of 2010s


10. Skyfall
9. Game Night
8. Drive
7. Inside Llewyn Davis
6. The Snowtown Murders
5. The Nice Guys
4. Ex Machina
3. The Witch
2. The Babadook
1. Mad Max: Fury Road


10. The Favourite
9. The Wolf of Wall Street
8. Blade Runner 2049
7. Inside Out
6. Arrival
5. La La Land
4. Toy Story 3
3. Star is Born
2. The Social Network
1. Star Wars: Force Awakens