The Breakdown of Birds of Prey, Uncut Gems, Groundhog Day, Seven and Remembering Kirk Douglas

It is the day after the Oscars, and we are so floored by the results that we don't discuss them at all. Also, we recorded this episode before the show took place, but we still had lots to talk about. We have four big movie reviews and we have lots to say about each as this episode burst past 90 minutes. We look at the latest comic book movie in the Margot Robbie lead Harley Quinn adventure, Birds of Prey. We also have Adam Sandler's eye-opening starring performance in Uncut Gems. Then we discuss two movies that are considered '90s classics in the iconic Bill Murray time looping romantic comedy, Groundhog Day and the dark thriller that made David Fincher into a name director, Seven. We also spend some time celebrating the career of a Hollywood legend, Kirk Douglas. As always, we really appreciate you listening to us and we hope you love the show, and if you do, please helps us out by spreading the word on social media.

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The Movies' Rating Out of Four Stars

Birds of Prey *** (CS)
Uncut Gems ***½ (CS & SM)
Groundhog Day **** (CS)& SM)
Seven ***½ (CS & SM)