The Breakdown of Movie Trends

It's another special topic episode this week, as we look at some of the current hot trends in movies and also some that we think will become significant over the next few years. We've been doing this show since 2013, and we've already seen a lot of trends come and go over that time. We feel movie strategies and what is considered hot has changed a lot over the past six years. The one thing that may surprise some is that unlike the last time we did an episode like this, we are very optimistic for the future right now. Some of the stuff we discuss is the rise of adult-centric movies (there is now way Birds of Prey would have got an R two years ago), directors allowed to make big studio original movies and horror shifting from supernatural to sci-fi. As always, we are so thankful that you listen to the show, and if you love this episode. please share it on social media.

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