If You're Interested in Foster Care or Just Really Heartfelt Writing, Then I Have the Site for You!

If you were about to bestow me with the title 'Greatest Spicer Writer of All-Time' then I want you to take a second to think it over. Because there is another in the Spicer clan that is a very talented writer and I know for a fact, she is one amazing human being. This is my sister-in-law, Viviana Spicer, who really is one of the most compassionate, empathetic and genuine people that I've ever met. Plus, she likes to play board games, and we all know that great people play board games.

She is also a very talented, heartfelt and sincere writer, and for the last few years has been running the site The Spicer Times. The site is about her personal experience as a foster parent but also shares how the system works and gives some great advice through personal anecdotes. It is very honest and raw, but also heartfelt and at times humorous. The pieces are both inspirational but also challenging. Plus, if that doesn't sell her, then there are a lot of adorable pictures of my nieces and nephews (and next to mine, they are some of the cutest kids in all the land).

I have another reason to promote the site today. A major event has happened in the Spicer (and Afanador) world, and that is the adoption of my incredible nephew Bentley David Spicer. I really cherish this wonderful three-year-old and I have a lot of great memories with him. I am so thrilled to know he will now always be a part of my family. but he has always been my nephew since the day he came into my life almost three years ago. Please read the piece over at the site, because it is a big deal for me and the whole family.

Support Viviana, because her writing is not only about things that matter, but she is an amazing talent that deserves to be recognized and read.