The Breakdown of 'Extraction', 'My Spy', 'Charade' and 'Battleship'

We are now in May, which is traditionally the kick-off to the summer blockbuster season. But things are very different this year and streaming is still how we get our movie fix. We did still see movies and we have four movie reviews for you. Netflix has their version of a big event film in the Chris Hemsworth starring actioner, Extraction. Dave Bautista follows the past of Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Arnold Schwarzenegger by teaming up with a cute kid in My Spy. We also have a picture all the way back from the 1960s in the comedic romantic mystery directed by Hollywood Golden Age filmmaker Stanley Donen and starring Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in Charade. Then it is the sci-fi picture based off a board game in Battleship. After the movie reviews, we discuss AMC recently banning all Universal movies from screening at their theatres and analyze how we think this issue with pan out and the repercussions that will be felt through the whole movie industry.

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We also want to thank David Wierzbicki who did the incredible Audrey Hepburn illustration. You can see more of his amazing artwork at his Instagram and Facebook pages.

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Extraction **½ (CS & SM)
My Spy *** (CS & SM)
Charade **** (CS) & ***½ (SM)
Battleship *½ (CS) & * (SM)