The Breakdown of 'The Lovebirds', 'The Report', 'Office Secrets' and 'Room for Rent'

You can trust me that we had a blast recording this week's episode of The Movie Breakdown and that it has four movie reviews for you to enjoy. Speaking of trust, you need that for a healthy relationship, especially when you have a killer chasing you, which is exactly what happens in the new Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae action-comedy, The Lovebirds.If you're living somewhere away from home then you really want to trust your host to not go crazy, and that just might be an issue in Lin Shaye's latest horror, Room for Rent. After all the crazy political news stories of the past 20 years, can we trust our government anymore? We have two based-on-true-events political dramas in the Adam Driver starring The Report and the Keira Knightley starring Official Secrets. After the movie reviews, we discuss how the current escalating streaming war will impact the movie industry and we think there will be major changes. If you love the show, then please help us by spreading the word on social media.

We also want to thank David Wierzbicki for the amazing illustration for The Lovebirds, and please check out his other artwork at his Facebook and Instagram pages.

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The Movies' Rating Out of Four Stars

The Lovebirds **(CS) & ***½ (SM)
The Report **½ (CS) & *** (SM)
Official Secrets *** (CS & SM)
Room for Rent **½ (CS) & *** (SM)